Monday, January 29, 2018

We are off to a great start of this very special week.

Sunday's Mass and Open House STEM demonstration in the classroom.

Monday began with a Catholic Schools Week  morning prayer.
Then Step Up Class with the future third graders...


and our visit to the Museum.



Happy CSW Tuesday!

Today the children enjoyed  a great hands-on science show by the Franklin Institute...



Then we make cards for our troops with our Eighth Grade buddy class.


Wednesday began with a beautiful Mass on Parent Appreciation Day.

Then it was back to school for fun math dice games together...




and even more fun making marshmallow snowmen!




Thursday was Pajama Day for the students! How wonderful to cozy up in pajamas, a drink
and popcorn for a movie!



On Friday, we began our last day of CSW with a concluding morning prayer.

It was crazy sock day!


Then the Eighth Grade students came to teach the third graders.


Thank you third graders for the beautiful flowers...

and thanks to all those involved with the Teachers' Luncheon!